Collaborative research project, development and consulting

Research project

atelier du fruit

      If you wish to carry out an ambitious research and development project, Biophysium will be pleased to accompany you.

    In partnership with Atelier du Fruit, a specialist in biotechnologies, natural extraction techniques (Clean label) and food prototyping from laboratory scale to pilot lines for industrial scale-up, Biophysium offers you a wide range of skills from creation to health evaluation of your product in pre-clinical or clinical models.

    Biophysium also assists you in the realization of a national (FUI, ANR, France AgriMer, etc.) or international research and development project involving several companies, academic organizations or technical centers.

    Biophysium offers through its experts, to assist you in the drafting of your applications for ethics committee approval (pre-clinical or clinical), in drafting of protocols, in specific training of collaborators, in development of innovative techniques, in scientific monitoring or any other element necessary for your research and development needs in the fields of cardiovascular health and nutrition.



atelier du fruit