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Innovating in bio-health

Biophysium is an innovative CRO specialized in cardiovascular health, metabolic diseases prevention and nutraceutical.

« Biophysium throught CRO services is the support of your medical innovation for health preservation. Our experts and our different models will meet all your expectations »

Presentation and services


   Biophysium is an innovative bio-health company specialized in the conception and realization of pre-clinical (in and exvivo) and clinical research services for cardiovascular health, metabolic diseases prevention and nutraceutical. We support and guide you in your research for innovation in bio-health in order to increase visibility and scientific credibility of your unique project by providing a high level of evidence.

   Biophysium has been able to develop numerous skills to investigate the effects of different protective strategies (nutraceutical, physical exercise, medication, etc.) on cardiovascular health and metabolic diseases, starting from evaluations at the cellular level up to clinical effects, through pre-clinical models. Thus, we offer you our skills in order to 1 / optimize processes or formulations, in particular based on natural substances, 2 / generate proofs of concept and finally 3 / test, develop and identify the mechanisms of action of molecules / micronutrients / formulations which impact the development of cardiovascular, metabolic and inflammatory diseases.

   Biophysium wish to offer its clients, whether they are health, plant or biochemistry professionals, a full range of tailor-made experimental solutions adapted to your unique project. Flexibility, extremely reactivity and human-sized organization of our company allows us to design and implement specific protocols by combining our expertise, our innovative technicals and regulatory aspects.

   All this allows us to provide you with the most appropriate and least costly answers for your project in order to assess the potential of your drug candidate by effective studies.

   Biophysium is particularly involved in the implementation, optimization and validation of new innovative models and technicals recognized by the scientific community to induce better predictability of results in order to anticipate clinical trials and improve their the success rate.

   In addition to our research services, we can propose you consulting services, bibliographic monitoring, assistance in drafting of referrals for ethics committees, assistance in publication of scientific articles and specific adapted training to your needs.

 Our values

   Our internal quality policy guarantees you confidentiality, transparency and traceability of results within pre-defined deadlines to offer you rigorous high-quality solutions based on Good Practices Laboratory.

   To ensure you optimal data quality, a total traceability and transparency, Biophysium follow a strict internal policy of calibrating laboratory equipment, laboratory notebook and specific animal monitoring sheets dedicated to each study, with the possibility of long-term sample archiving and preservation on demand and PhD experts providing you with their advice on the design and interpretation of results. All our procedures are regularly reviewed internally to be up to date with the latest recommendations to offer you the best quality of deliverable.

  During your unique project, all the specific details of the experimental procedures will be described in a study plan and you will have a privileged relationship with a study director who will act as a relay with a multidisciplinary team assigned to your project.

   Thus, customer satisfaction is our priority and our values are ethics, integrity, responsibility and innovation.

Ethics & regulatory aspect

    Biophysium grants particular attention to sustainable development, health protection and training of our collaborators, as well as ethics and animal welfare. Regular training of all our collaborators to our environmental management system allows us to minimize the impact of our activities by adopting the most energy-efficient and ecological options (water consumption, sorting and recycling waste in particular). The disposal of hazardous waste such as solvents, chemical and biological waste is ensured by specific procedures in accordance with the latest regulations of the European Union. All experimental procedures are performed in strict accordance with the « Guide to the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals » described by the National Institute of Health of United States (NIH, National Academies Press US, 8th Edition, 2011) and in accordance with the directive 2010/63 EU of the European Parliament on the use of laboratory animals as well as the regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

    The animal facility in which the pre-clinical studies are examined has received approvals and authorizations from the veterinary authorities and is regularly inspected. The animal facility in which pre-clinical studies are carried out has received approvals and authorizations from the veterinary authorities and is regularly inspected. All pre-clinical and clinical studies begin exclusively after having received the approval and validation of ethics committee or committee for the protection of individuals issued by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

     Mandatory diplomas and continuous staff training allow us to be up to date on the latest BEA recommendations on breeding conditions, environmental enrichment, physical activity and animal care in order to reduce their stress. All experiments are carried out in dedicated rooms and according to the latest standards.

     Biophysium actively supports the three R principle (Reduce, Refine and Replace) in preclinical research to minimize the use of laboratory animals and potentially painful or invasive procedures by promoting alternative methods.

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